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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Benevolent Monster

The kids love it when I'm a monster. They love to be tossed about while roaring. And snuck up upon and frightened out of their wits. I think part of it is an acquired taste, but I also think I'm an awesome monster. I've never treated my girls as delicate girls. I've treated them as kids.

When we saw Charlie and Sarah in Chattanooga, Ellie loved being thrown on the bed by the Tony monster with Aubrey. Charlie told me later that he was pretty surprised by it. That when ever he tried to play rough with her she got scared. Maybe I'm good at throwing children. I am very careful.

But it's odd, when they beg me to be a monster. Maybe I just want to chill with them and play some little people or watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Please be a monster, Daddy. Please!

Maybe later.

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