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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Pooh, Aubrey's best friend, disappeared today at a very busy Anabaptist market.

One of the saddest things I have seen in years was my daughter asking total strangers if they've seen her Pooh bear.

"He's a bear and has a red button on his ear, and his paws look like this." And she'd hold her hands in front of her like a little bunny. It made my stomach hurt.

She cried a little when we toured the market for the forth time and still didn't find him. We looked everywhere but it's a big outdoor market.

Kate said that maybe someone took him. At first I thought that wasn't a good thing to say in front of Aubrey because it seemed very unlikely and I had no idea what she'd expect. But Aubrey clung to that. Just this evening she said, "Maybe the person who took him will call us and we can get him." Ug.


She has known him all her life. He was a gift uncle Topher gave her moments after she was born. He's not named for the more famous Disney property, we called him pooh because that was the first thing she did to him. She christened him with her meconium. She hasn't always treated him any better, but she did love him. She's brought him everywhere. He's in many of the pictures I've taken of her.

She just a couple of weeks ago scanned him in Kate's scanner.

She's so very brave. She hasn't spoken much of it since it happened but I know she's just crushed. I'm so proud of how she's handling it but so sorry she has to mourn at such a young age.

Maybe someone will call.