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Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Pooh, Aubrey's best friend, disappeared today at a very busy Anabaptist market.

One of the saddest things I have seen in years was my daughter asking total strangers if they've seen her Pooh bear.

"He's a bear and has a red button on his ear, and his paws look like this." And she'd hold her hands in front of her like a little bunny. It made my stomach hurt.

She cried a little when we toured the market for the forth time and still didn't find him. We looked everywhere but it's a big outdoor market.

Kate said that maybe someone took him. At first I thought that wasn't a good thing to say in front of Aubrey because it seemed very unlikely and I had no idea what she'd expect. But Aubrey clung to that. Just this evening she said, "Maybe the person who took him will call us and we can get him." Ug.


She has known him all her life. He was a gift uncle Topher gave her moments after she was born. He's not named for the more famous Disney property, we called him pooh because that was the first thing she did to him. She christened him with her meconium. She hasn't always treated him any better, but she did love him. She's brought him everywhere. He's in many of the pictures I've taken of her.

She just a couple of weeks ago scanned him in Kate's scanner.

She's so very brave. She hasn't spoken much of it since it happened but I know she's just crushed. I'm so proud of how she's handling it but so sorry she has to mourn at such a young age.

Maybe someone will call.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Subversive Potatoes and Clone Wars

Just saw the trailer for the newest Star Wars chapter, Clone Wars. When I first heard about it I thought they said it was going to be a Cartoon Network show. No, it's a movie. At the movie theaters.

When I thought it was going to be on Cartoon Network I thought, wow, that looks great. When I saw the same preview and heard it was a movie I thought, that is going to be one crappy movie.

We just harvested the first batch of potatoes. Friends and family politely chided that it doesn't make sense to grow potatoes. Potato bugs, Japanese beetles, potatoes are so cheap and growing them takes space and is difficult and potato bugs are icky and on and on.

I also recently realized that Kate and I may need separate gardens. Kate wants higher production, but for me, I think I see the garden as a lab. I need to experiment. I need to push the envelope.

One of the reasons I grow potatoes is really related to the peculiar way I do it.

In the late winter-early spring, if you have potatoes around the kitchen and in the light, you are likely to see eyes and buds start to grow on your potatoes which will be quickly followed by their spoilage. This has to do with the ratio of daylight to night. Before they get too bad you can cut them into quarters or smaller and throw the pieces into the ground, they like a lot of compost, just as soon as the soil thaws. These will grow into wonderful potatoes in early or mid summer. When the vines die, use a pitchfork and carefully break up the soil and harvest maybe ten to twenty times the amount of potatoes you put it. You can try it again on the other side of the calendar in the early fall and then harvest mid winter, depending on you zone.

While I agree that potatoes are dirt cheap, the reason I like doing this is it is frugal like my grandmother, and because it's subversive. Technically what I'm doing is against the law because often the potatoes I use are store bought varieties and those usually are patented. By cultivating them I am breaking the law. Unauthorized use of a gene.

But I do it anyway. Mostly because my grandmother would have. It's the same reason I cultivate my own poppy seeds for baking. I recognize the right to intellectual property, my work depends on it. But I think we may have gone too far with genetic patents. Non-commercial cultivation seems like one of those inalienable things. I'm pretty sure Washington would have agreed.

And I don't care how cheap they are at the store, mine make way better french fries. Movie fries, not those cable TV series fries.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

Closer yet I approach you;
What thought you have of me, I had as much of you—I laid in my stores in advance;
I consider’d long and seriously of you before you were born.

Who was to know what should come home to me?
Who knows but I am enjoying this?
Who knows but I am as good as looking at you now, for all you cannot see me?

It is not you alone, nor I alone;
Not a few races, nor a few generations, nor a few centuries;
It is that each came, or comes, or shall come, from its due emission,
From the general centre of all, and forming a part of all:
Everything indicates—the smallest does, and the largest does;
A necessary film envelopes all, and envelopes the Soul for a proper time.

Walt Whitman

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's been said...

"Never ask of money spent
Where the spender thinks it went" —Robert Frost

"Garrison Keillor: The penguin joke? Two penguins are standing on an ice floe. The first penguin says, you look like you're wearing a tuxedo. The second penguin says, what makes you think I'm not?
Dangerous Woman: Why is that funny?
Garrison Keillor: I guess because people laugh at it.
Dangerous Woman: I'm not laughing.
Garrison Keillor: Well, you're an angel. " —A Prairie Home Companion, The Movie

"Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independant, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to it's liberty and interests by the most lasting bands." —Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, Aug. 23, 1785.

"I think our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries; as long as they are chiefly agricultural." —Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, Dec. 20, 1787

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Drunk History

When I first saw the name of the link I thought it referred to a history of the alcoholic. Not quite.

An historian + a bottle of scotch = Drunk History

And then their history is re-enacted by Michael Cera and Jack Black. Volume 1 and 2

I peed myself.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Benevolent Monster

The kids love it when I'm a monster. They love to be tossed about while roaring. And snuck up upon and frightened out of their wits. I think part of it is an acquired taste, but I also think I'm an awesome monster. I've never treated my girls as delicate girls. I've treated them as kids.

When we saw Charlie and Sarah in Chattanooga, Ellie loved being thrown on the bed by the Tony monster with Aubrey. Charlie told me later that he was pretty surprised by it. That when ever he tried to play rough with her she got scared. Maybe I'm good at throwing children. I am very careful.

But it's odd, when they beg me to be a monster. Maybe I just want to chill with them and play some little people or watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Please be a monster, Daddy. Please!

Maybe later.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dot H M

So I Stumbled on this dictionary page that I think uses Javascript SQL queries to offer live suggestions as you type. Spelling and then definitions. So I did what I usually do, I typed my name.

Hey, it works.

Tried another...

Tru dat.

How about...


Aubrey returned no results. Seemed kind of harsh.