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Monday, May 16, 2011

April's Army

I made this for the April's Army Charity shop on Etsy. Gonna start up some more charity snark.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

33: a retrospective

In just a few hours I'll not be 33 anymore. So what did I do this past year?

I finished another 30 credits of college
I nursed my Pappy back to health (he's running 5 days a week again!). Well, I helped.
Aubrey had her accident, and I became the mother of a burn survivor.
I started an Etsy shop for my needlework stuff, and some reselling of vintage.
I opened an Alibris shop and sold a bunch of books
I created over 120 cross stitch patterns
I stitched about 12 of them
Both my kids went to elementary school
I completely cleaned and organized my craft room/office, then trashed it again
I saw my best friend get married
I said goodbye to my therapist, who died
I said hello again (online) to some old friends whom I had missed

And some goals for 34:

get my office organized again and keep it that way
graduate from college
get a job/ get into grad school
Remember to be in the now, not in the then or the later
fall in love with me again.