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Saturday, June 30, 2007


I had tried this spiffy blog hosting service that would have let me use our own URL and had crazy storage, yada yada. But, free is something we can better afford.

Kate lost her job a couple of weeks ago. Really, though that sounds bad, it's definitely a good thing, it was a toxic relationship. But since she was under contract, it's possible they could sue us. Meh. Even if they do, it's worth it to get her out of there. She also kept a journal so if they take us to court, at least we have some documentation.

Anyway, fortunately I just got a raise, and a promotion. It doesn't come near to replacing her income, but since she no longer has a 45 minute commute each way, and since we've cut day care to a couple of days a week, we should survive just fine.

So, here's the new journal.



magpiebook said...

Sorry to hear.. Didn't have a clue.
How is everyone? Luv, Mom

Toekneesan said...

Sorry we didn't tell you sooner but who's in a hurry to pass on bad news.

We're doing okay. Looks like they are considering suing. We got a certified letter from them today. We're going to hire a lawyer.

magpie said...

Your right about passing on bad news.

Just what do they think they can achieve by suing?

Make sure you get a goood lawyer..
(But then, I don't think you need to know that!)

We are gonna try for a video conference call on Sat. What would be a good time to call??